Great People and Smart Technology

It’s a winning combination for your online accountants in the UK

Online Accountants in the UK who get your business

We love small and medium-sized businesses. But sometimes, they don’t get the support they need. That’s why we founded TaxAce – to give hard-working SMEs just like you the very best accounting support, to help you save time, stay on top of your obligations, and achieve ambitious goals. We believe in:

Innovation Centric

Innovation is central to our thinking; from the technologies we work with to how we manage your accounts. If we can make something better, we will.

Value for Money

You are not paying for your accountant to learn the ins and outs of your industry; we are already experts. We take pride in making sure our service is value for money for you.


We are truthful and honourable in our professional work. There’s no relationship more important than the one with our incredible clients.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter accounting. All our services are tailored to your exact requirements and delivered by seasoned experts in your industry. Our friendly team works in partnership with you, giving your books and your business the hands-on attention they deserve.

We care about community

There's more to our firm than our financial expertise. We have a philosophy of caring, and we focus that philosophy on the communities in which we live and work. The firm, as well as its staff and shareholders, contribute time, money and resources to a wide variety of deserving organisations. It's a significant commitment. But it’s a fundamental part of who we are.

Ion Zamfir Innovation Director
Maria Sabau Operations Director
Iurie Bivol Founder & CEO
Alla Zamfir Customer Care Specialist
Alina Costreie Senior Tax Assistant
Tatiana Florea Senior Tax Assistant
Mihaela Pavlenco Senior Accountant
Elena Oprea Growth Manager
Galina Sava Tax Advisor
Carmen Socianu Bookkeeper
Oxana Mateciuc Finance Director
Monica Lazar Accountant