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Pay Less Tax

LTDs pay an income tax of just 20 % (Corporation Tax). At higher income thresholds, the company pays less tax than a self-employed individual.

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Limited Liability

If the company goes bankrupt, someone files a lawsuit or you accumulate debt, you don’t risk losing anything but the companies assets.

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Government Support

The companies founded in the UK get aid from the government in form of grants, low interest credits and other types of benefits and assistance.

New Company in Three Steps

We offer a smooth and simple procedure to get your tax refund from HMRC. Everything is
happening online at your convenience and you get your money back in 7 working days.


Decide the type of entity

You have to decide first what kind of company you want to form – LTD, LLP or other entity. 90% of the time we recommend incorporation as LTD


Choose a name

Choose a company name and we will check if it is available.


Company registration

If it is then we are going to need your passport and for you to make a payment. In three hours you will have a registered company.

Questions You May Want to Ask

Both the LTD and LLP have their advantages and disadvantages. (This isn’t a subject that we can explain in 3-4 sentences). The best course of action is to phone us or leave your contacts below. We will gladly answer all your questions.

Usually inexperienced entrepreneurs don’t have the necessary experience to determine the optimal structure for their needs. Also if you plan to form a LTD you will need the memorandums and some other papers which we have available for all our clients.

✅ We are accredited by the Companies House and have an excellent track record of incorporation for hundreds of companies.

✅ Right from the start you get high end consulting that will help avoid lot of accounting and taxation mistakes.

✅ You will have a priority in receiving our accounting services from here on out

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