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Starting and scaling a tech-enabled startup isn't easy. You have to balance revenue building with a scalable operation that makes technology your servant, not your master. And do it all without burning too much cash. We can help you get the balance right, while prepping you for the biggest possible outcomes.
Select any of our accounting services for tech startups, from any category, to create a mix-and-match package that’s tailored to your needs.

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The Basics

Great for staying up to date

Dedicated Accountant - to manage your accounts, year end accounts, corporation tax return, directors’ personal tax return and the quarterly VAT return.

Dedicated Bookkeeper - to process receipts & invoices, reconcile bank accounts and do credit control.

Payroll - monthly payroll preparation and submission, P11D / CIS submission, and auto enrolment.

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Ready to Grow

For when you want to scale your business

SEIS & EIS Advance Assurance - Helping your investors get up to 30% (under EIS) and up to 50% (under SEIS) of their investment back in the form of income tax relief

EMI Share Valuation - Help with getting an optimal share valuation from HMRC ahead of granting options to employees

R&D Tax Credit - Claiming relief on qualifying R&D expenditure at 230%

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Tax Support

Tax compliance and optimisation

Global VAT - Sales tax/ VAT/ GST compliance in each country you trade, so you can operate through the same limited company in the UK

Revenue Recognition - In accordance with Financial Reporting Standards, to support investment and scale

Ecosystem Services - Enjoy discounted access to our vast international networks to build partnerships and mastery in a results-driven way

How does it work?

TaxAce combines specialist startup accounting experts with scalable accounting software to ease
the bookkeeping burden – giving you more time to focus on building the next tech unicorn.


Learning about your business

  • Book an exploratory call
  • Get a custom proposal
  • Shake hands with your expert contractor accounting team


Getting you set up

  • Set up your technology stack
  • Document and automate your workflows
  • Take care of any catch-up accounting to iron out the kinks


Delivering value and support

  • Smoothly deliver your monthly work
  • Day-to-day assistance from your dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 multi-channel support (we’re with you all day, every day)

Why Choose TaxAce Accountants For Your Startup?

Our accountants for startups will give you the technology to view your data in real-time, with access to our market-leading ecosystem partners to help you make the right strategic choices as you find product/market fit and scale.

Clear and flexible pricing

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Access to critical data, quickly

Startup specialists

30+ experts, ready to help

Scale with you

Our services scale as you do

Accounting for Tech Startups



When incorporating a tech startup, selecting the proper business structure, navigating complex regulations and requirements, and obtaining necessary licences and permits can all be challenging. Our firm can assist tech startup founders in overcoming these obstacles by providing personalised and cost-effective company formation services. In addition, we have extensive experience working with technology startups and keeping up to date on the most recent laws and regulations to ensure a smooth and successful incorporation process.
The UK tax requirements for tech startups can be complex, with various tax regulations that startups must be aware of, including corporation tax, VAT, payroll taxes, and self-assessment income tax. Tech startups must register for corporation tax within three months of beginning business operations and file an annual tax return. Furthermore, if their annual turnover exceeds £85,001, tech startups must register for VAT. Employee income tax and national insurance contributions must be deducted from employee salaries and paid to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Company directors who receive compensation must also pay self-assessment income tax.
Hiring an experienced and qualified accountant is crucial for a tech startup’s success. An accountant can offer valuable advice on financial planning and assistance with budgeting and cash flow management. They can also ensure tax compliance and assist with business growth, including advice on investments, loans, and funding opportunities. Founders of tech startups should seek a professional accountant with experience in the tech industry who understands the unique challenges and opportunities that tech startups face.
One of tech startup founders’ most common accounting and company formation mistakes is failing to keep accurate financial records. This can cause issues with tax compliance and make making informed business decisions difficult. Another blunder is failing to register for VAT, which can result in HMRC fines and penalties. Founders of tech startups may also make payroll tax mistakes, such as failing to deduct and pay the correct amounts or registering employees for national insurance contributions. To avoid these mistakes, tech startup founders should seek professional advice and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.
It is essential for tech startups to register for VAT ahead of time, even before they start operations so that they can recover VAT on expenses incurred during the setup phase. For example, suppose a tech startup incurs professional service expenses, such as legal and accounting services, before beginning operations. In that case, it can recover the VAT paid on these expenses if it is registered. This can result in significant cost savings and help with cash flow management during the startup phase. As a result, tech startup founders should plan and ensure they are VAT registered in time to reap these benefits.

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